I started selling Arlex perfumes in Sept 2011.  The sales have been fantastic and the business is growing tremendously thanks to my Lord and the good products of Arlex Fragrances.

Pastor Oxley Sidali


You know you’ve got a good product when it sells itself – and Arlex products do!



I would like to share my experience about Arlex Fragrances.  It has been a pleasure to me to sell Arlex products.  They are really quality and the service is excellent.  The person dealing with you face to face or telephonically treats you like you are the only client of Arlex.

I really appreciate Arlex and I’m going to continue doing business with them.

Mantuka Witbooi


I started as a part time agent for Arlex in November 2007 to supplement my income and I’m still selling their products.  Proof of the good quality of the products and their good service is the fact that the same customers who bought from me in 2007 are still buying from me today.  Selling Arlex perfumes is a very good way of making extra income, like me.  Due to the wide range of perfumes they offer, the outstanding quality, excellent service and high profits earned, one can easily become a full time agent.

I recommend Arlex.  If you want a great perfume or need extra income,  ‘Arlex is the way to go’.



I always wanted to make extra money but was reluctant to get involved in anything questionable.  With Arlex, I’m confident about the products and service.  The products are excellent, affordable and long lasting and I’m making money.

Mgcineni Ndlangamandla


I am more than happy with Arlex perfumes.  The service is excellent and the quality is perfect.  My customers keep coming back time and again.



I would like to thank Arlex Fragrances for picking me up when I was low.  People here really enjoy using these quality perfumes and I testify as the main distributor in Botswana with over 30 agents

Percy Motshidisi